Friday, May 21, 2010

from Dreadmilla to the Bighilla

Obviously I have been Dreadmilla way too long and need to switch to Outdoorzy One. Went flying down Mt. Spokane the same pace as the treadmill, only to freeze my tush (and hands) OFF. I could not manage the frozen Fuel Belt bottles, much less the drinks I had hidden TOO well at the side of the road. Un-iced hernia, no drinks, not being sure I was going the right way, a sudden icy rain added to the headwind, and I was thinking bail out.
The original plan was about 22, obviously I did not make it. MUST learn to go slow at the beginning, even when presented with intoxicating downhill wonders...
Oh yeah, and I am sore, even after the ice bath. Very humbling after the whole treadmill schmeel.
I only have a few more workouts and then taper time again, even though I've basically been banned from running or tapering until a few days ago. I'm feeling it today. I got a little out of shape.

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