Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sunday morning, I woke up with a dream of a beautiful snowfall. I could hardly believe it, until I woke up. Monday morning, I woke up and looked outside and saw the rain coming down. I was tired and not excited to get soaked. I'd rather run in the snow than the rain. But, I put on my stuff and got out and got soaked for 4.6 miles. By the time I got showered, the rain had turned to sleet. Then, at 6:00, our family sat down together and we saw my dream, but this time it was real: A beautiful snow storm, and it was sticking! By the time the morning was gone, we had two inches of snow and a huge snow man in the back yard. This was the latest measurable snow fall on record at the airport. The previous latest date was May 18. Do you think I could be a weatherman?

This morning was dry and 38 degrees and a great day for running. I ran 4.6 again at an average pace of 8:16. Taking out the first mile, my average was under 8:00 per mile. Happy day!


  1. youz got 2 sloooooow down and work up miles gradually till you get to 22. Do not get injured again. I know I'm a hypocrite, but an injured one. I think it's about time for spring!

  2. You're right. I've never done more than 14. I must get to 22 before I can get to 26.2. I'm trying to catch up to you and Mark on speed, but I haven't got the distance yet.

    17 days and counting to UVM!

  3. I'll probably come to Utah about Tuesday, staying with Clint and Becky. Might be fun to get together for a run or two, but has to be short.

  4. I've noticed that short for you (10 miles) is long for me. I managed a 10 mile run quite well today. When I get back to 14, I'll be back to where I was.

    Running at altitude sounds like a good idea. I may even do the same thing when I run top of Utah marathon, by arriving early.

  5. Ain't gonna happen now. I'm am coming in late Friday, in a pseudo-scientific attempt to beat the altitude. You are welcome to run the marathon with me and Elaine, though. Heck, you can probably still get in.

  6. Glad to hear you're coming. It should be fun, but I'm sorry about your rushed schedule.

    I expect UVM to be my big race next year, but I'm not completely back yet. I need to be training at 40+ miles per week, with long runs over 20 and without injury before I'm ready. I think I can do that by Sep 18.