Saturday, May 15, 2010

Progress report

I did 4 runs this week (21 miles) without any ill effects so far. My main goal is to not over-do it and get injured again. I still have a nagging hip pain and ankle pain on the left side. (The ankle pain came long before the hip pain) But, it is so minimal now that I think I'm not endangering injury by running on it.

This may all seem trivial to Mark and Elaine that are working through more significant injuries right now. Good luck to both of you as you prepare for UVM. I'm looking forward to the spectating part.

My goal is to run my first marathon on Sep 18 (Top of Utah). I think I have time to get ready. Maybe I can convince some others to go with me.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good, 21 is a great week coming off of very little for so long. If I BQ at UVM, it may be my last Utah marathon. Too hard dealing with hills and altitude. I can't believe all of the troubling race reports I read for Ogden this year. It is no wonder I crashed and burned running that thing a year ago. Looking back on it and the very bad knee injury that shortly followed, I can't believe I kept running.