Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am coachless and doing my own thing, which I don't think any coach would approve of. But I like it, and my confidence must be mine....I run very hard, but only run three days a week.

Today I added 16 treadmill miles to the mix, average pace 8:15, downhill. That totals 48 miles, a warm-up for Mark but a lot of miles in one week for me. And 30 of them around 8 min/mile pace. It's my only real training week to speak of between Boston and Utah Valley. And next week, after a long run Tuesday, I will start taper. Yes, I am sore! LOTS of downhill miles this week, in fact all but 5 of them. On the bright side, both my Achilles are very happy.

Stephen, will you hand me a frozen Fuel Belt bottle at mile 21? That would REALLY help....if you should happen to be around that area on Saturday June 12....

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