Sunday, December 27, 2009

today's workout

Ran outside; it was so cold. The thermometer said 28 but there was a wind and it felt much colder. I used those "hotties" hand warmers inside my gloves and my fingers were still frozen by the time I finished running down the first hill from my house. By the time I got home my lips were so cold that talking was like after getting numbed up at the dentist.

Next time I will wear the winter tights and gloves over my gloves, My head and torso were warm enough. I don't run outside enough to know how to do it but I am learning. All next week is Arizona though!

But it was so fun getting outside, not sweating, actually going somewhere.

According to my plan I should have been finishing at 1:19:34, and that it was supposed to be "easy". I had a rough time ever being at the pace I was supposed to be as it was very hilly, so I went way faster on the downhills, (7:31) and way slower on the uphills (11+). Overall though I did it in 1:16:53, so too fast, and not easy. I was cold though and couldn't slow down much.The best news is my heart did not do the flip flop crash it often does in the shower, (neurocardiogenic syncope); I've learned to reach over and turn it much colder as soon as I start to feel symptoms and it completely fixes the problem so I don't have the hours of lethargy and near disorientation. And no need for the medication, at least not for that!


  1. Yay for no medication!!
    I always have to wear windproof mittens over my fleece gloves; I have zero circulation in my fingers and once they go, I'm done!
    Nice work on the run, Chicka!!!
    Have a blasty in AZ - wish I were going with you!
    Miss ya!!!

  2. I know. If I don't get into law school we will have to get together soon. A lot of my sentences have been starting that way lately; I'm hoping I don't get in, especially in my lazy moments, which are 90% of the time.

  3. E, I read this post too! "I'm hoping I don't get in" does not come across very well with your little bro!

  4. Law school is difficult at first, but not scary. The real world is scary. I tell people not to borrow money to go (unless they go to a national school); otherwise, I am completely in favor of going, even if you never practice law. The catch, though, is that if you go to law school you are almost certainly going to want to practice law.