Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I found a gym


Missed yesterday's five miler due to traveling snafus; made it up today running around my house looking for a gym. I finally found the YMCA open and convinced them to give me a guest pass, after which they had me fill out all the paperwork, then informed me they were leaving for their two hour lunch break so I would have to come back later. Called Nathan in crisis, (gee, haven't I done that before???) By the time I found one (LA Fitness) it had been at least 2.5 miles of rubbernecking this way and that. I then did my key run treadmill workout (basically slow until five 3 minute bursts at 6.8 mph and 3% incline). I then jogged back home in perfect running weather, about 55 degrees, a slight breeze.

As far as the LSAT, I did get my score, 154. The good news is that the last time I took it, I beat a whopping 26% of the other test takers; this time I beat 60%. And I did as well as I was doing on most of the practice tests, which is good for the real thing, when every question was brand new. I was blessed. But I think mostly I was blessed the way I needed to be (shock, shock), which was a) to know I was loved and feel that throughout the test, and b)to not do better than my hard work merited. I could have studied longer, although not harder. My score should get me in to Gonzaga....which means my lazy aspirations of not getting in at all are probably unfounded.


  1. I'm still recovering from the "I found a gym" in the subject line....but wowzie, Elaine!!! I'm super stoked, and PROUD beyond belief, for your awesome score! Way to go, girl! I knew you'd do it. You are the determination girl 100%!!! So what's the plans with the law stuff now???

    How long are you in AZ? I feel like I missed a few steps in your life.

  2. Great job! Beating 60% of test takers. Huge improvement!