Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Long Run

OK Nathan, here is the report I posted on the other blog, it was a good run today:

"51F and misting, this weather was perfect. 22.14 miles in 3:30:00, average pace 9:29 per mile, no heart rate monitor. My goal was to run 9:30 per mile, so I made it just barely. I went for it right out of the gate. My first mile was 9:22 and my last was 9:31, fastest split was 9:08 and slowest was 9:42. Unlike some other long runs, this wasn't a steady acceleration to the end of the run. I was struggling a lot to make 9:30 the last few miles but my overall average was there, about a 4:08 marathon pace. I don't think I could have run the extra 4 miles needed for a marathon today, though. I was done, done, done by the time I quit. I finished about a mile from my house and sat down on a rock. After 10 minutes of no improvement, I felt like laying down but I knew somebody would call an ambulance if I did that. I always run with a cell phone, so I woke up my 16-year old son from his Saturday morning slumber. No one else was home, so he agreed to pick my butt off the pavement and I made it home. Yesterday morning he skipped seminary, failed to take out the trash and drove the best car to school. I was going to give him a piece of my mind but decided to exercise some restraint. Didn't realize the payoff would come so quickly.

So where does this run leave me? No clear answer as to a goal marathon pace, but I still learned a lot. I think with a proper taper I could get 4 more 9:30 miles out of these legs, but I was definitely running in risky territory today. On the other hand, nothing ventured, right? Have to take risks to improve, and I'll know when the day arrives what to do."


  1. Wow, you're getting FAST!

    That's funny about Austin. You had just run 22 miles and he was still sleeping...

  2. I'm not only feeling left out of running with my injury lately, but I feel betrayed. What "other blog" could be better than this one!

    Great run. Make Austin go with you the next time he ditches seminary.

  3. That was one incredible run, Mark. All your training is paying off. I expect to hear some great news on New-Years day.

  4. Nathan, you can follow the daily log at I should make Austin run with me, you are right, much worse punishment than taking away his TDL. Maybe I'll do both, I like the way you think.

    Thanks Jennifer and Stephen for the encouraging words. I ran faster and shorter today, but still not sure what pace I can get away with for a whole marathon.