Friday, October 23, 2009

Go with the flow

Well, I haven't posted since before the marathon but I underestimated the impact of injuring my foot. I left the marathon kind of beaten up even though I had a pretty good run until about mile 20. I did see the Doctor and x-rays showed negative for a break but stress fractures wouldn't show up until after they start healing a bit so I am not sure at this point whether it is a stress fracture or tendon related. But the pain is going away slowly and sometimes I can walk without a limp. The drug of running is gone from the blood and so I am on a down cycle wishing I could go to the gym to weight lift to get the endorphins flowing a little.


  1. Daryl, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your foot, just stay off of it for a couple of weeks and then run a little bit at a time, stopping when it starts to hurt. That usually works best for me. Also stretch it consistently, but gently.

  2. I injured my right foot in the St. George marathon last year. It was a tendon running up inside my arch and behind my ankle bone. It's attached to the hallicus longus muscle. Where does your foot hurt?

  3. Running is still in your blood. You'll be back. Let me know when you're ready and we'll run squaw peak together.