Saturday, October 17, 2009

The longest run of my life

Since blog authorship has proven successful for me, I'll do a real post.

I signed up for a half marathon run on Oct 31 from above Aspen Grove (near Sundance) into Provo. I'm kind of excited about it. It will give me an idea of what I can do on the real run on Jan 30, except that it is all downhill. There are only about 500 people signed up so far, so I should finish within the first 500.

I ran part way up and down Provo canyon this morning for a training run. I had to keep going until it was light enough to read the mile posts, so I went a little further than intended. I also had quite a scare as I heard some loud rustling noises above me in the dark. You should have seen how fast I ran then. After about half a mile, I stopped looking over my shoulder and relaxed down to a slower pace.

All told, I went up 7.3 miles and back. 14.6 miles in 134 minutes for an average pace of 9:10 per mile. I don't think my legs have ever felt so rubbery, but I was pleased.


  1. Stephen, that's a fantastic run, impressive that you could run uphill that far and at that speed. Your legs will complain today but that is what they are supposed to do. Congratulations.

  2. So funny! I can see Stephen's face as he's casually jogging along and then all of a sudden hears a russle in the bushes. I'm laughing cause I know how far he jumped when a little lap dog tried to attack him in Eagar!

    P.S. Great run...only wish I was remotely close to being able to put one out like that.

  3. Nice run Stephen, sounds like you were ready to beat us in the marathon.... Wow, I remember trying to chase you when I was a youngster and that feeling is coming back!