Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food for thought

I have been tossing around an idea lately that I'll value everyone's feedback when they get a chance. After, Mark mentioned ITB syndrome and without having any insurance (until Nov. 1st) I did some reading on Google and think he is probably right. I am an overpronator on my right foot only which goes hand in hand with ITB syndrome. Once we get insurance, I'm going to schedule some diagnostic testing to see exactly what is up.

However, I am getting somewhat frustrated of being injured and not being able to run due to my injuries. I'm becoming more convinced that I needed to take it even slower and allow more time to increase my measly miles. After 15 years of basically sitting on my can, eating like crap and not taking care of myself it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm battling injury. I'm starting to think that I want to start all over from scratch again. I want to basically not do anything that causes my knees, feet, back and hips to hurt until I first strengthen my core, increase my flexibility and lose a little more body fat. Then and only then will I start to run.

If anyone else has any ideas, I'm open to anything at this point.


  1. Strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, and forget about your body fat. It'll go away as you stay in shape. Keep up your endurance with some swimming. Try out the elliptical or the trampoline--see if your body tolerates that better than running while you strengthen yourself.

    I moved away. :-(

  2. In my limited experience, it isn't necessary to wait for every ache and pain to go away to re-start a running program. Some of them occur because of not running. It's a game to see how much you should do without overdoing it. I think you can run if you want to, but just be careful.