Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest knee news

Well, since I check this everyday and thoroughly enjoy it, and have been disappointed with new posts and comments, I'll bore you all with my lame details.

My knee is....better....but still scary.

I thought at first I tore something, then thought that it wasn't a tear due to how fast it was getting better, but now I'm thinking it's somewhere in between. I can walk just fine and can run .75 miles at an 11 minute pace, but it soon starts to get stiff and then hurt. I then slow it down to a walk and it feels decent. Don't really know what to do. I'm pretty bummed actually. I really have huge desires to one day run fast and far. It feels like every day that goes by is a day wasted. Maybe I should just completely shut it down for 3 weeks and start over??

Any and all thoughts are much appreciated. I would be swimming to keep my cardio up if there was a pool in Afton, but no luck. I'm going to resort to just start pounding my thighs with my fists or something. :)


  1. A pool in Afton? Where are you? I've never heard of Afton. Swimming sounds like a good plan, but I'd sure find an expert to see what's going on with your knee. It sounds pretty serious.

  2. Nathan, thanks for finally posting. I was getting sick of seeing my race report there.

    There are people reading this blog who know more than I, but if it is hurting on the outside of your knee, but only starts hurting at a certain point in your run then immediately feels better when you stop, that is often ITB, referring to a tendon that goes from your hip to your foot and crosses the outside of your knee, which is where it rubs if it gets irritated. If you go on Runners World or any number of web sites they give you stretching exercises for it, which loosen it up so it doesn't rub as much. Just be careful to stretch very gently or you can end up doing more harm than good. I am told that you can pretty safely run with ITB pain. You will know when to quit, just don't be unnecessarily afraid of it. Right now I am dealing with a little bit of ITB pain in my right knee, but I stretched last night and it felt better this morning on my run.

    You can check my workouts at thurm.fastrunningblog.com, by the way. They're nothing to write home about, so don't tell Dad. I think Elaine is on there too, as lightitup.fastrunningblog.com. I am trying to work out a little less but doing it every day. We'll see how that goes, I am very tired tonight. Also, Jennifer posted some pictures, including a couple of marathon pictures, on our family blog, thurber55@blogspot.com.

    Stephen, Afton is just over the mountain from Montpelier, in Wyoming. Nathan's in-laws have property there.

  3. My advice is just stop training 'till 30 January. That way I can beat you.

    Seriously, I tried to get around an injury like that until Cheryl told me to just stop running. I didn't like that much, but I did it, and when I started up again it wasn't much better. So I just did less than my max, letting the injury know that I wasn't going to spare it, but also I wasn't going to beat the snot out of it. I think I'm pretty much over it now. Still can't figure out what it was. Just a section of leg that was slower to get strong than the rest of me.

    Good luck! Swimming in Afton would be darn cold. Even QC is getting a little frigid to be in the pool.

  4. I'm pretty freaked about my own knee..as long as it isn't a meniscus or ACL tear it has the potential to get better...even some meniscus tears can get better if they are in a vascular area (I think it's upper inside knee area where it is more vascular). And it could easily be an ITB issue too. At any rate, just go easy and baby it. That's all you can do.

    And yes, I'm on the FRB but haven't posted yet. I am planning on running tomorrow for the first time since the marathon. Watch out.