Friday, December 3, 2010

red herring

Sleep deprived for weeks, I put myself to bed early last night and determined to stay there until I got some sleep. So I dreamed, which I never do. It was an interesting dream, with a couple of levels, as Inception would call it.

I dreamed I took the elevator up to the 31st floor; I was with someone, I don't know who, probably Paul. It was a circular building, like they have at the south entrance of the Grand Canyon; standing in the center is the hole like you are looking down a cylinder--I could see almost to the bottom. And I was holding my keys, to which were attached my driver's license and everything valuable to me. As I looked down I of course dropped my keys. I watched in horror as they continued from floor to floor until I couldn't see them anymore. I started running down the stairs as fast as I could go, asking on each floor if they had seen my keys, finally arriving at the bottom floor. It was covered with sawdust with a dirt floor and a guy who had horses outside; he was building something. And there were my keys sitting there for the taking. He barely grunted as I grabbed them.

Suddenly I was at the top again, as if I had reached down all those floors to get my keys and, in trying to get back, was stuck braced against the center pole with one hand, my keys in the other hand. I was leaned too far out; if I let go I would fall down the 31 floors. I struggled, there was no one there to help. As I gave up and realized I would fall, I woke up.

Except I wasn't awake. I was still dreaming. I remember thinking God had saved me by waking me up so I could have both the keys, my identity, and my life. It seemed like I was in that state for a long time when I woke up again--this time I really did wake up.

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