Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Elaine

10.9 miles today, pretty fast...a very good running day.
Let's be real. I'm writing this for me, not a lot of you are commenting, ha.
I decided I am a 4-5 day a week runner, sometimes only 3. I don't like slow plodding, never have. I know I am supposed to and that is the best training for marathoners but I am officially out on my own now. It feels so good to just run far and fast, recover, then do it again. I'm too old to do that every day so I take a rest day, yes, a complete no-exercise day....I also like not having a coach as my body is so unpredictable; sometimes I can kill it and other times I am a no show....but I always come back. I will do more cross-training though, very soon! My son is getting a bike trainer for Christmas and I intend to make sure it is well used.
I am also excited about my MRI seems just knowing I can safely run has lessened the pain. I really think a lot of the problem is residual hernia surgery pain, even though it's been way too long; it seems to be gradually relieving. I'm following my brother Mark's strategy, running to the edge of the pain, stopping till it feels better, then doing it again. Seems to be working. I am still on the treadmill; the days I want to go outside the weather responds with slick icy stuff--not worth it for me. I am excited for my time on the road and in Arizona in January. I will get some outside runs in then for sure.
I need to get a career and very, very soon. Suggestions?

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  1. You have a lot of snow - wow! None here in town, though the mountains are getting slammed! I am watching Spokane on the news right now and am glad you are sticking to your treadmill.

    I was making a little video clip of my dear running blog friends and you were the first who popped into my head. Maybe I'll get it posted someday.

    I've allways thought you should concentrate on running shorter distances where you would just shine!

    I'm glad you're MRI showed good results and you're off to AZ soon. Still no progress with my heel, no progress with my insurance, and no progress in life!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, my dear friend!!!