Monday, December 6, 2010

Da report of Day Four and aren't we on Day 6???

I watched 7 conference talks while I ran 9.75 miles, one before I actually started, and one 3 times...but the best part of my equal time thing for today started in the wee hours of the morning. And yesterday, a no technology day. I highly recommend it! I felt more peace, less noise, and yes, I did finally gain some clarity in those wee hours. I know what to do this week. I thought of some stuff I could feel good about. And so far, I am on track!
Also, my boys and I talked about the resurrection yesterday: Will we be resurrected with our same bodies, but perfected and immortal? Or will the state of our bodies be reflective, at least to some degree, of how we took care of them on this earth? If so, I must gain 6 pack abs before I die--I may die trying, ha..
Day Five challenge says this: Exercise for fun. Choose a form of exercise you wouldn't normally choose because it calls attention to your body. Hmmm, sounds like swimming, which I do need to do. I need to get to the gym, sign up, and start doing the aquajogging thing again. Maybe tomorrow when the MRI results come back and they tell me I must get a hip replacement, ha. Or sooner...since that was yesterday's challenge. (However I am not apologizing for my no-technology-Sunday. That was my best idea lately).
I am going to go look at Day Six now. I think I will do core work later today, even push-ups, which I normally don't do because...I can go down on the push-up, but when I try to go up, I fall on my face and my boys laugh. And it really is maybe it qualifies? I can't make it to the gym today, no time.
Between now and the next time I post I will join the gym, schedule an aquajogging session, and do this challenge for Day Six:
Refrain from talk about weight or shape of self and others. (woops!) Be aware of how often you
compare yourself to others, and evaluate how this makes you feel.
The obsession with weight, shape and appearance continues among women
partially because we encourage it in each other. We have made it unacceptable for a woman
to be at peace with her body. Refraining from speaking about weight and shape--positively
or negatively--allows us to focus on a person’s real value and worth.

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