Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This blog is still here?!?!

I declare it my running/thinking blog.
I'm sitting here with ice on; still have hip/groin issues even 12+ weeks after surgery. Ran 6 today, 8.5 yesterday. Yes, I'm also in PT, yes I'm doing my exercises, and a tentative yes, I think I'm getting my fitness back, although so slowly!
Over the weekend I went to pace my brother at the Hartford ING marathon. He has been posting some great stats and I thought he would easily qualify for Boston. Miles way up, speed way up, able to run in the Houston heat and the Utah altitude, basically he rocks.
The plan was for me to meet him at mile 20, however, there were no taxis available and I had no idea how to get there. I asked lots of questions to lots of nice New Englanders and got lots of different answers, starting with, "you are in the wrong city, the marathon is in East Hartford". Good thing I had my Garmin on so I could track all the miles. I headed out, finally seeing some of the first runners coming in and the route was easy to follow after that. I headed for mile 20, but still unsure of my speed, decided to turn around at mile 22 and jog very, very slowly. By mile 24 when he still hadn't caught up to me, I headed back to 22 again, over and over. I started to get really worried, finally got in touch with his wife ("no, I still haven't seen him"), and then headed back in earnest. I didn't go far when I saw him, or the visage of him. He looked horrible and scared me to death. He had done amazingly until 20, then rapidly slowed down, then threw up. A lot. Even an hour later I was furtively looking at the medical tent, trying to talk him into an IV.
So....my next stop is the Richmond marathon on November 13, with another brother, my son, and the above brother too. My parents are there and yet another brother (yes, I have 8, thank you very much) and my sister-in-law are there, so it will be a happy family thing.
But the question is, could I do it too? I don't think so. As of today my longest run nonstop is 7 miles, although I have gone 16 and ran off and on 14 of those. It wouldn't be a PR, that's for sure.

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