Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My poor hippies

I was having a political conversation with my ideological college son. He wants to save the world and has zero evil ideas, but thinks everyone else's more complex than that, but the point of mentioning it here is that he thought I wouldn't get along with "hippies".  I of course disagreed...I love hippies, they are laid back. So there.

However, it is 2:28 am and there is that low lying stress, the kind that is just there and isn't going away, no matter how I will it so. The thing that made me sit up in bed was the fact there have been a LOT of hippie issues lately. My Mom has broken both her hips in the last year, most recently about a week ago. My youngest sister suffered a stress fracture in her sacrum last winter.

And those are just the easily identifiable issues, the ones that warranted an immediate x-ray from those hippie sorts of doctors.

Then there are the runner hippy issues. Also in the last year I have a brother with a pulled groin, one with an ITB issue that manifested in his hip, another brother with a different sort of pulled groin plus what sounds like hip point tendonits plus maybe high ITB inflammation...literally every one of us who has tried to run has had hippie sorts of issues. Yet another brother, (did I mention I have many brothers?), has an ITB issue so severe it is just not worth the pain of trying to run through it at all. His first complaint though was a "shift" he felt in his lower back and hip during a benign, aka non-intense run.

What is up? I've been to physical therapy for the maximum allowable time my insurance will pay and I must say my hips are fine as long as I haven't ran earlier that day (they don't hurt while I am running). But if I go anywhere close to intense I hobble around like someone who needs a total hip replacement the rest of the day. It is like my entire pelvis has collapsed. I veer sharply to the left when I first try to walk...It even hurts when I wake up in the morning, even before I have moved.

These are all thoughts I intend to share with the orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed my Achilles tendinitis (thanks but I already knew that and was already doing the therapy). Why am I suddenly wide awake about this? Because a runner Facebook friend read me the riot act all day yesterday, messaging me back and forth, telling me I may have to stop running, swimming, elliptical (anything that might remotely resemble aerobic exercise), for a YEAR. Or die. He speaks from experience, not about the dying, but about the end of career-ing his iliopsoas injury caused.

Okay, end of rant. I'll go look for a picture of a hip, or at least a hippie sort of person.

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  1. I thought you banned all those guys who read you the riot act on FB? :)

    Perhaps your family is genitically put together wrong at the hip!?! I have seen and read about 5 runners having hip problems, two with stress fractures of the femur bone (no clue...going on memory, which isn't too great). Ick, ick and more ick!

    You get along with everyone, E...hippies included!! :)