Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meals on Aquajog wheels

That was remarkably easy, and embarrassingly no big deal. Why have I been so scared for so long? I looked okay in my swimming suit, mostly because it is a VERY modest tankini, more like a running outfit really, AND...I went in. the. deep. end. I know, I had a flotation device on but hey, there were warnings written all over it about how it is NOT a flotation device and should not be used by nonswimmers, etc. I am a nonswimmer; however, as I was jogging along, I realized I could stop jogging and not sink, at least not too much. As long as I remain conscious, I really can't drown in that thing. And the other people around me didn't stare or seem overly aware at how out of place I fact, I didn't even feel out of place. It is so weird to be done with a workout and NOTHING hurts, just tired muscles. I felt like that last... before children, way before children. I will definitely be doing it again.

I even took a shower at the gym (hey they even had curtains), then headed straight for my Meals on Wheels "job", also a first today. I got my fix, I got to see sorta kinda patients, (I used to be a nurse and loved the patient care), and sorta kinda help them. Okay, I just handed them a meal someone else had made, but they smiled. And five of them pretended they just happened to be passing by the door just then. They were excited to see me/food! I don't get that kind of a response when I cook at home.

Then I went to my youngest son's student led parent-teacher conference. He is so well behaved and has such good grades it's boring. I think he was sent here to set a good example for me; it is not my fault he is perfect, really it isn't.

By the way, it's hard for me to write to myself every night, even though it's a good thing to do, so thank you for the comments!


  1. Boring is good when it comes to grades.

  2. You have such a heart of gold, E! I have always wanted to vounteer for wheels or rocking babies in the nursery at the hospital, but I never have. One day, when I retire ;). You never cease to amaze me.

    I didn't go to conference's last week because I have the opposite problem - ha! I didn't want to hear from 7 teachers "B would have better grades if he just turned in his homework..." Well I have that conversation daily with his teachers since I'm able to stalk them down daily :). Chris is right: boring is good with grades!!!