Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making an informed choice

We should talk to each other more. Most of us are disappointed in Congress (if one believes the poll numbers), yet most of us will not vote, and some of us will vote ignorantly. It isn't just about the President...some would argue Congress is at least as powerful. I would argue the media is more powerful in the real terms of the effect on our daily lives; I think they even affect elections.
I just filled out my ballot and it took a couple of hours of studying for me to be reasonably sure I was voting responsibly. I have a master's degree but found it hard to understand some of the resolutions/bills I was voting on; at least one seems to have been written with the intent to deceive. Except for the talking heads and a few who are considered "out there", we don't get much. Who is saying what? And even more importantly, who voted on what and how and why? Who knows? Who cares? We should care...we should make an effort, even if it takes some homework.


  1. I just had a discussion about this with my College Boy and husband. Our final question was, how do we know who to believe? Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Hey Meg, I would encourage you to crunch the spending numbers put in place since Day 1 of this Congress and compare it to any spending by any Congress before that, then figure out how we are going to pay it off...It doesn't compute...forget about everything else. What they say and how they vote don't always match up so I hardly bother listening to what they say anymore.

  3. I am only certain about the incredulity of polls. There was an interesting article in a recent Economist that pointed out the flaws of current polls. For example, pollsters still rely heavily on land lines to reach their audience. That excludes me and I always vote. Voting is a challenge for me because I am not a single issue voter. So, it takes alot of time to research candidates and voting records on the issues that I care about! But, the alternative is not acceptable.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate new readers and comments!