Monday, February 21, 2011

"stress reaction"

It turns out the PA who called my foot problem "Frieberg's infarction/avascular necrosis" misread the MRI report. What I have is a "stress reaction", which should have healed with my SEVEN weeks off, but hasn't. So six more weeks for me. Woe is me. Methinketh my feet are reflecting the rest of me. "Stress reaction", my foot!

So here are some pictures. I just got back from Arizona. My back was hurting on one side, then the other, then my neck was hurting, badly.

Again. Here are some pictures; we had some good food especially good sushi and good Brazilian food. Meat in general tastes mediocre after Fogo de Chao. My oldest went to Brazil on his two year mission but has yet to experience the restaurant he recommended. On the other hand, we have been three times.

Tim, happy at sushi place

my new rocker bottom sandals

The four men in my life minus one in Scottsdale mall. (We didn't buy anything)

Collin at Fogo de Chao with buffet in background

Meat roasting at Fogo De Chao

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