Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, I was supposed to do 11, 8 at 8:51, which is still slow. However, as I was going along, my Achilles spoke to me. It said "twing!". I thought, ah that's nothing, healing pains. Then it said "twang!". Then it was fine. Then it said ""twong", followed by a "tweeng". Nothing really hurt....but I thought of all the waylaid Achilleans on the side of the marathon course...or three years after surgery when they still can't run, at least not like before. Not a key run, so I aborted. On to Saturday for the long run...and I am so excited! I got new Sauconys in the mail today. Those were my first favorite running shoes so I thought I would give them another chance. And also magic insert thingers. You know, the kind that promise renewed energy, astounding comfort, blazing speed, and, at the very least, less money in the bank account. So I put them in the Sauconys and put them on. Now I have them off, watching the Olympics with ice on the backs of my Achilles.

Very little pain, really. It has been getting better. But I am afraid of chronic. I am afraid of missing Boston and more. So I am being careful.


  1. Ooooo, those new insoles are going to make you rocket fast, E! I just aborted my Saucony's because the did nothing but cause me pain with their heafty price tag .. I always find it so interesting how everyone's feet respond so differently the same shoe. We should do a study on that one day, perhaps!! While we're sitting at the spa or the beach in some tropical resort. After I win the lottery, of course. relaxing after Boston that would be!! I will be thinking positive thoughts and rooting for you on your long run this weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to your comments.

    As for me I have the chronic Achilles tendonitis problem too. Usually only flares up when I'm getting too many miles in (ergo usually not a problem). A few days rest seems to be just the ticket though.