Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's define a new start

Achilles tendonitis + plantar fascitis + 46 year old + too hard key run + ice bath + reflection = blog post.

It's time for a transformation. I fear I have scared everyone away from running...so I will make an announcement. You don't have to run!!! I just want to keep the communication going. Tell us if you run, tell us if you don't, tell us if you think it's dumb, tell us what you think about your family.

I'm not going to be the only one posting, that is SO boring! Please chip in, tell a corny joke, tell an amazing spiritual story, be sarcastic, or just say boo, but say something.

Yesterday was Mom and Dad's anniversary. For better or for worse, for poorer or for poorest, for health or for sickness or for old or for injured, for life or for eternal torment or for ridiculously happy, we are all still here. So say something. Okay, I am being redundant. I can't just do a blog for me...I've tried, and not even I am that self-centered.


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  1. Michael here. I was dead last in the entire race, and E was the first of my siblings to cross the finish the half marathon, she deserves some real credit here. This was the first organized foot race of my entire life; same is true for David and Matthew. Mark and all the siblings deserve a huge amount of credit for making THAT happen! I both finished and enjoyed it, thanks everyone!