Monday, November 23, 2009

I ran

At they gym. 6 miles. It was boring, except Nathan was there complaining I'm a snob cuz I don't write on this blog. So, now I did. And this is two in a row. And it's your turn, somebody. Let's talk about croxx training. I need some cross training motivation, especially if my heart is going to force me to slow down.

I pretty much just study and talk about studying.


  1. I ran 5.6 miles this morning. It was 23 degrees and so I ran faster to keep warm. I have no motivation to cross train either. Once in a while I do a few token exercises indoors, but I'd rather be outside.

    Now, at least I posted a comment.

  2. I like to cross train. In fact, since my knee injury, it's the only exercise I'm getting. Last night, I went swimming at the gym (splashing was more like it) then rode a bike for 2 miles. That's when the knee started hurting, so I tracked Elaine down and went home. Stephen, what's your longest run now?

  3. Nice blog to keep you all in touch!! Brrr to 23 degrees this morning! I ran 6.5 but it was nearly 40!!

  4. Wait a minute...did I hear you say you were at the gym?

  5. Nathan,
    My longest run is still 14.6 miles as posted on Oct 17. Someday it needs to get up around 20 miles before my first marathon that I hope will be this summer.