Saturday, June 11, 2011

14 in 2:04

Not as easy as last week, it was harder to keep up the pace today, not sure why. But I'm still ahead of training. I was supposed to do 14 in 9:47 per mile. I'm trying to stay ahead of the game because I know from experience that when it comes to ramp up time I can't ramp up as fast as the schedule wants me to and I end up falling short on race day. Also law school will be in my way...bottom line I want to train as hard but as carefully as I can now so as to be ahead of the game for fitness but not injured. My hips hurt but they always hurt after 10 miles. It rained on me but the temperature is perfect.

Big congrats to my brother Mark and nephew Brian, who killed the UVM today in 3:41 and 3:19. Great job. I could have done the first 14....I actually called for a pick up after that because my hips are hurting and, as per strict orders from Mark, I will not get injured this time around.

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  1. Been thinking of you. Are you still running StG? How is training? How is life?