Friday, March 25, 2011

Dark Gray Bowl, One Tiny Chip

I was driving my son home from the chiropractor in Post Falls and the sky was...dramatic. It was so dark gray it seemed the end of the world, or a hurricane, or something. In the rear view mirror you could still see blue sky, but ahead just gray. Then it all switched. It was suddenly all gray and pelting buckets of rain at us, amazing even for Washington state. It was so gloomy it was funny. Then, directly ahead, a chip in the dark bowl of gray appeared, a chip of sunlight, a literal ray of hope, directly in front of us and only in front of us, just one small semicircle of light. But meanwhile we were still being dumped on. If I take that as some heavenly metaphor for my life, I'm doing pretty well. Truly the dumping lasted about five minutes and then it stopped, the sky cleared up, even the Washington sky, and soon we were home.

Foot still being weird, (right now its doing this shooting burning thing, sporadically, flakily), but core exercises in the pool for physical therapy and at the trainer are going well. And I actually ran OUTSIDE this week once and will do it again tomorrow. Why I ever ran on the treadmill I have no idea; it obviously did not keep me from injury.

Oh. And I got in law school. I even got a scholarship, which seems suspect. I'm sure they will call on Monday and say, "woops". Something about my stellar GPA and LSAT scores. (Um, not). I only applied to Gonzaga. I had all but decided not to go, that I am not interested, and I was getting started with the process of renewing my nursing license and maybe being a nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, something like that. And I don't want to be gone all the time as Mitchell and Collin are still home...

Well, sort of. They are home but they are perfect children and very independent. I frankly need them much more than they need me. However, these next weeks are going to be spent with me trying to prepare for all the huge changes that will be coming in my life in the next few months.

But stuck I am not. I am definitely in the storm, but in a fast car (I got a new slate blue Infiniti G37, thank you very much), and moving, hopefully towards sunshine.

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  1. Congrats on law school! And nice car! I almost got one, but settled for one of those three letter German deals....