Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a new day. Grab it, sit on it, then stand up and stomp on it.
That came into my head...which means I am very tired after the stomach flu yesterday and then staying up half the night trying to get my oldest registered for his winter term classes. (I got his classes...except his "must haves" :/
I just received this email in return for the one I sent in the middle of the night,

"Both TMA 105 and 185 are raincheck registration classes. You will need to click the "R" option to raincheck the classes, and the Department will be in touch regarding officially adding the classes. Currently there are no students enrolled, so if you raincheck both of those classes, there is still an opportunity to get into them. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you and have a great day!

The College of Fine Arts and Communications
Advisement Center"

I think the Democrats will do better than we think. But if Reid and Patty Murray both win it will be very good for my running...frustration is always a good motivator.  Why do so many stay with the status quo? Same song as the Republicans, but louder, same spending, but more, same politics, but less consideration of the constituents. Both of these people have been in office far too long, both have very low approval ratings, yet they both may get re-elected.


  1. How is your marathon training going?

    Are you over the flu?

    I could email you, but this works :).


  2. Sorry Jill. Just when I think my blog is dead, someone makes a comment. Thanks. :)