Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still running

I'm still running through the snow. I did it six times this week, including 13.4 miles today and 40.9 miles for the week (best week yet) Mark's "Blast from the past" blog is my inspiration. I love to read it every day. I even tried low heart rate training this week. I slowed down to a very easy pace and my heart was still at 145bpm.

Any good ideas for a summer/fall marathon for my first attempt? Under consideration:
  • Salt Lake - kind of boring
  • Park City - Scenic, but maybe too difficult to start with
  • Other ideas?

Looking forward to London's Run, but somebody's got to beat Mark. What an embarassment it would be for someone as old as him to beat us all.


  1. Hi...I'm a friend of Elaine's.
    I just wanted to say that I did Park City and it was drop-dead gorgeous but also VERY challenging. There's a gradual uphill from mile 6-13 that's just relentless and then it gets very steep after that for about 4 miles. VERY! Around mile 20, it starts to go down, which is nice but the quads just don't want to really do anything nice since for 20 miles they didn't have to. It hurt. It was, by far, one of the most scenic marathons I've ever done though. Oh, and it was pretty hot by the end of that thing.

    I had a client do Top of Utah, which is nice and very pretty, from what she said. I also hear Logan Marathon is nice but it's in May, I believe. Just some thoughts! Good luck!!

  2. And then of course, there's always St. George...good job running in the snow. That is daunting to me.