Thursday, January 21, 2010

key run report

I have two key runs a week. Today was one. I hope he has me tapering before next weekend though; I need to beat Mark.

Jogged the first 1.5 and the last 1.5, did the middle 7 at about 8:15 per mile...felt yucky slowing down to 8:46, which is the speed I was supposed to go. What do you think? I guess I've trained a lot on the treadmill at 8 min miles but not 8:46. No problem with 9:05, just couldn't find 8:46. A very good day, 42 degrees... and sunny, wore just a hat and little gloves and arm warmers. So nice to be outside!!!! Feels like cheating on Jan 21 in Spokane.


  1. I was just looking at your Arctic blog when I saw a comment on mine from you - freaky! How are you? How is your training? Are you working with someone? Are you going to the gym? Are you getting into law schools? Are you going to Boston for sure? Where are you staying? I need to write 7 things about my life and I'm going to write, honestly, that I miss my friend, E!! Hope you are well. That's not really a comment as it is and "email" but had to get my words out to ya! xo

  2. 7 things about you:
    1) attentive
    2) loyal friend
    3) zest for life (make that zest+)
    4) fit (duh)
    5) passionate
    6) busy
    7) amazing

  3. Way to go Elaine! 8:15 for 7 consecutive miles! At least you will be able to beat Mark. My plan for a slight taper has turned into a major taper because I got sick. Hopefully, I'll feel well enough to run tomorrow.

  4. Gotta figure out a way to get well before Saturday, teach some of you young folks a little respect for your elders.