Friday, June 18, 2010


26.2. Treadmill.
I finally got it out of my system!!! Hard work for me, 6 days after Utah Valley Marathon. I can't seem to perform on race day and I just couldn't leave it alone. I stopped a lot due to melting ice, which would have constituted breaks so would have increased the time. However. I am happy. I proved I have the speed for that much distance. I got under the fantasy 3:33:33 time; maybe someday I can do it in "real life", not on the treadmill. After surgery, core work, weight loss, a cleaner house, more time to play with my friends, less cake, more protein shakes, that other trip....after this, after that.
Oh, and by the 4:05 for UVM wasn't, which partially explains the above determination... Results look more like 4:16? I misunderstood that I started not 30 minutes late, but more like 16. I'm still confused, but I know it was slower than 4:05.


  1. Sounds like UVM truly was a "training run". Too many things went wrong. Now you know you can do it. Congratulations!

  2. Nice job, E!! Time to lay those demons to rest and get healthy!!

  3. You ran 26.2 in 3:30 on a treadmill? Incredible. Nice work, mentally and physically.

  4. Just saw this, pretty amazing, almost 2 minutes per mile faster than UVM? Hard to get my head around that one. Congratulations.